Purposeful Creativity

I build, protect, and elevate brands through innovative, creative, and original thinking.

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Featured work

Redesign of Lehi Roller Mill's baking flour products. (In Implementation)

[POST UNDER CONSTRUCTION. CHECK BACK SOON] Comprehensive marketing plan and brand strategy for a brand recently acquired by Danone. (Live Client Project)

Lowe's Smart Home ad campaign. (Live Client Project)

Challenger brand rewards program and rebrand for Crowne Plaza Hotels. (Speculative Project)

Revolutionizing the tape dispenser for Etsy sellers. (Speculative Project)

[POST UNDER CONSTRUCTION. CHECK BACK SOON] Brand strategy and ad campaign to revitalize the Fossil retail store. (Speculative Project)

Branding work for a new computer software system at Capital One. (In Implementation)

Compilation of my favorite side-projects, one-offs, and other wild ideas. (Speculative & In Implementation Projects)

What Is The Creative Brand Management Track?

Alex Robinson, Graduating May 2018

Master's of Science in Business/Branding

Creative Brand Managers (CBMs) from the Brandcenter have all the skills you'd expect from an MBA student, except what sets us apart is also having creative skills.  We're a fusion of creative and analytical thinking.  You will find CBM alumni working at some of the most innovative brands in America.  

Roles CBMs fulfill:

  • Brand/product management roles
  • Marketing and consumer insight roles
  • Strategy roles at agencies and brand/innovation consultancies


  • BRAND STRATEGY & Management


Great brands have empathy for the unmet needs of consumers.  They have a pulse on culture and are masterful about interpreting how their brand fits in.  I leverage all of this to differentiate and position brands from their competitors.


All the research and data in the world can't replace great creative thinking.  As an innovator, I don't just do research for research sake.  I put myself in the shoes of the consumer, interpret what all the research means, have original ideas, and consider every angle.


What's the big idea that will shape consumer perceptions of our brand?  I look for advertising solutions that will burnish the brand in the mind of the consumer in more creative, relevant, and dynamic ways.