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Here's my story.

My journey to brand management starts with my family's long-standing tradition of flour milling.  For over 400 years, my family has milled flour. 

In 1906, my great-grandfather started a flour mill in Lehi, UT.  In the 90's when other flour mills its size were either going out of business or being purchased, my dad decided to extend the brand into the retail space. He partnered with an advertising agency and would often bring home what he was working on.  I always looked forward to seeing the print ad, catalog, and packaging mockups.  

Looking back, this was where my interest and passion for brand management all began.

Basic information

Personal Details

Graduating: May 12th, 2018

Degree: M.S. Business/Branding, Creative Brand Management


Phone: (801) 404-4202


People. I’m not an extroverted person by nature, but I love talking with people during consumer research.  Man-on-the-street and one-on-one interviews have become personal favorites. 

Learning.  Right now and for the rest of my career I’m focused on being the best learner I can be.  My drive to learn something knew gets me excited about life every day, and pushes me to dig deeper.

Planning. This may sound crazy, but I actually enjoy making agendas and preparing timelines.  In fact, one of my favorite things to do in my free time is to plan what I’m going to do in my next free time.  

Want to learn more ?  Let's jump on a call.  Here's my cell: 801-404-4202

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Master's Candidate at VCU Brandcenter | Creative Brand Management | Graduating May 2018