The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

Stephen Covey

Purpose Through Finding the Right Motivators

I look for opportunities that I believe are meaningful, give me a sense of purpose, and will require me to learn new things.

Creativity Through Finding the Magic

I believe the magic of creativity is one of the last legal means of gaining unfair advantage over competitors. It’s what sets me apart from graduates of traditional MBA programs. Marketing today can’t be reduced to an algorithm. It requires more than analytics, assumptions, and predictable strategies.  Creativity is the tool by which great brands are made and how I elevate brands in the mind of the consumer in relevant and dynamic ways.

Commitment Through Allocation of Resources

Like my great-grandfather, grandfather, and father who each committed to hand-selecting only the best wheat for their flour, I too have a strong commitment in my work towards “only the best.” In pursuit of the best in all areas of my life, I remind myself to strive for long-term successes, the things perhaps I won’t see a return on for decades. For example, like raising good children, having a strong relationship with my spouse and honoring my deeply held faith.  I believe that with every decision about how we spend our energy, money, and time, we are making a statement about what really matters to us. These principles are true of brands just as they are in our personal lives.



About the Author

Master's Candidate at VCU Brandcenter | Creative Brand Management | Graduating May 2018